When’s the Last Time You Had Your Roof Inspected?

Now that the rainy winter months are past and we’re into the spring and soon the hot summer months of Orange County, CA…most homeowners feel that they have a reprieve from worrying about the condition of their home’s roof and rain gutter system. That would be fine if your home and neighborhood are far away from hillsides and common areas where dry brushlands accumulate.   If you do happen to live near hillsides, bluffs, highlands, lowlands, ridges, slopes, or a combination of such, then here’s a concern that you might be thinking of:


Researchers, professionals, and experienced individuals in the field of fire prevention highly encourage homeowners to regularly have their home’s roofing system inspected prior to the hot and dry season of the year for any accumulation of dry vegetation, leaves, and twigs not only on their roof but also in their rain gutter system. If your roof has valleys, chimneys, or flat sections…then these areas where dry combustible items tend to collect and may very well be out of sight when standing at ground level looking at your roof. 

You may be asking: “So, what can I as a homeowner do by preventive maintenance before/during this next fire season?” Here’s the answer:

  1. Have your rain gutter system inspected for any accumulation of leaves and twigs in the rain gutters (photos provided).
  2. Have your roof inspected behind chimneys, on roof valleys, and in any flat sections where dry vegetation collects and accumulates throughout the year (photos provided).
  3. Have your roof inspected for broken, missing, loose, and downward shifting roof tiles that may leave roofing underlayment and bare plywood exposed (photos provided).

These measures will not provide you 100% assurance. Still, they will reduce considerably the chances of your home being a target of hot wildfire embers, causing dry vegetation on your roofing system by igniting and causing life and property damage. 

“Out of sight out of mind” is an expression that can apply in this case. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your roof inspected, it may be wise to do something about it now!

Feel free to call, text, or email us for a thorough inspection of your roof, including photos. We service the entire North and South Orange County community.

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roof cleaning and repair rancho santa margarita mission viejo south oc
roof cleaning and repair rancho santa margarita mission viejo south oc
roof cleaning and repair rancho santa margarita mission viejo south oc