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Pressure Washing Service

Our standard Pressure Washing procedure (also known as Steam Cleaning, Water Blasting, House Washing, High Pressure Washing or Power Washing) is designed to restore your surface as close to its’ original look as possible. This procedure involves the thrust of up to 220 degrees of hot water from a 13 horse power engine. Hot and strong enough to remove stubborn stains such as chewing gum, oil, rust, paint, mildew, algae and black mold and other unsightly stains. We have 15 years experience in using commercial rated erquipment. We use only environmentally safe cleaners. If you have green algae or black mold on concrete, stucco, aggregate, flagstone, gunnite, slumpstone, brick or similar walkway, building, or deck surfaces, it’s time to have them Pressure Washed.

If you have noticed that your walkway around your property is slippery due to green algae or black mold, it’s time to Pressure Wash. If your home has a buildup of cobbwebs under the eaves and on similar rough-textured exterior walls, it’s time to Pressure Wash. Oil stains and rust stains on driveways can also be removed.

The following are kinds of surfaces that can be pressure wash rather than go through a costly procedure of replacement, resurfacing, or painting:
— Patio slabs of cement or other decorative surfaces.
— Sidewalks, walkways and driveways.
— Stucco house walls and stucco and brick retainer walls.
— Pool Decks.
— Exterior surface preparation before painting.

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